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Monkey Chatter

The Monkey-Chatter in Your Head

We all have negative voices in our head. For some they are subtle, passive, and even deceive us into thinking they are there to protect us and keep us safe. For others, they are much more aggressive, and downright mean. Sometimes we are aware of their words and influence. Most other times we are oblivious to their destructive messages, and they impact our beliefs, sense of self, motivation, and happiness.

During busy times particularly Holidays, we can get frazzled, self-critical and unrealistic in getting stuff done.  It is possible to catch oneself and come back to center where the calm voice of reason can ground us and quiet the monkey-chatter in our heads.

One of the best ways to become savvy to the negative inner voices in your head is to practice mindfulness. To be more mindful means to be more aware of your thoughts, feelings and actions in the present moment.  Try one of these mindfulness tips;

Mindfulness Tip #1 – Stop and take a deep breath as you say to yourself ” breathing in love, breathing out joy”.

Mindfulness Tip #2 – Stop and take three deep breaths and with each exhalation say to yourself  “peace”

Mindfulness Tip #3 – Stop and remind yourself of three things you are grateful for today and notice how your shoulders drop and your breath becomes deeper and slower.


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