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Welcome to your Organization Development Survey

Name Business Email Phone Number

The goals of my organization are clearly stated i.e. What business am I in?  I have a written vision, mission, values and guiding principles that support my business identity and service/product offers.  

My organization is not resistant to change – give examples i.e. ways that I have modified my offers/products and services based upon industry changes, local competition and regular environmental scans.

I make decisions based upon analyzing my monthly Profit & Loss Statements. How do those decisions serve me? Income monitored daily, weekly, monthly? Can I create additional income streams? Are there areas of cost containment?  What’s my return on investment for those  expenditures?

The manner in which work tasks are completed are efficient and effective. My business structure is well designed;  legal form of doing business, adequate accounting systems, billing/invoicing and inventory control systems, customer relations and order fulfillment systems, customer database management, customer follow up and feedback (testimonials).

Adequate insurance, investment/savings and retirement planning goals have been implemented.  If not, list steps to take in order to have a regular investment plan.  Recommended 6 months emergency cash reserves.

Overall satisfaction with business growth.  Rate from 1 to 10 with 1=deeply dissatisfied to 10 “over the moon” highly satisfied.

Does my 3-5 year strategic plan have regular planned growth?  How big do I want to grow?  Am I satisfied with my marketing efforts, business location, branding and website materials in support of those goals?

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