Old coherence will claim you if you aren’t able to  integrate into all dispositions. We create change by learning to observe ourselves in each of these stances. Practice moving to music (or not) in each of the body dispositions in order to build capacity to shift at will.

Body Dispositions:


”The rules are clear, the rules are unclear.”  Serenity, resignation, permanence, honesty, patience, pessimism, perseverance, discipline, rigidity. (down)


”I’m in charge.”  Anger, fear, passion, ambition, assertiveness, resentment, anxiety, stress.  Saying no.  (down and forward)


”Let’s play.”  Joy, optimism, creativity, dreamy, lightness, triviality, vulgarity, fun, delight, craziness.    (Up, able to lose balance and recover)


”I’m listening.  I’m interested.  You’re in charge.”  Tenderness, eroticism, acceptance, depression, discouragement, empathy, dependency, peace, trust, love.

(Up and out in all directions)


1. In what body disposition do I spend most of my time?

2. In what body disposition would I like to spend more time? When and why?